Community Involvement

At ARC, we understand the importance of giving back to our local and international communities. The Meshri Family has consistently supported causes both near and far away from our headquarters in Oklahoma.

In memory of his loving wife, Dr. Indu Dayal Meshri, Dr. Meshri has created several educational facilities, parks, and scholarships in both the USA and India.

Dr. Indu Dayal Meshri Medium Prep & Primary English
Sections at the Bhagwati International Public School
Mumbai, India
 Dr. Indu Dayal Meshri Biotechnology CollegeMumbai, India
 Dr. Indu Dayal Meshri Memorial Scholarship Endowment at the University of Idaho College of Geological SciencesMoscow, Idaho
 Donation to the J. Newton Rayzor Hall at the University of Tulsa’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science DepartmentTulsa, Oklahoma
 Dr. Indu Dayal Meshri Memorial ParkTulsa, Oklahoma


Indu photo

Following in his father’s footsteps of giving, Sanjay Meshri has maintained active participation in a variety of organizations. These organizations are local, national, international, and are engaged in supporting:

  • Diversity, Inclusion & Equality
  • STEM education and opportunities
  • Veterans and their families
  • Children and their families, in need or at-risk
  • Health and Wellness, including mental health
  • Higher Education

In fulfilling our Founder’s vision, we support our ARC associates who also give back to the community. They serve and are engaged in a number of organizations, such as The Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa, Akdar Shriners, Ruth G. Hardman Adult Literacy Service and Resonance Center for Women, among many others.