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ARC Today

Advance Research Chemicals, Inc. (ARC) offers customer focused solutions to basic and advanced chemical applications. With global production facilities in the United States and Mexico, ARC is known as a reliable resource in the field of specialty chemicals. Many of the world’s largest companies are closely associated with ARC as business partners in the manufacturing of specialty materials for their products. ARC provides custom synthesis, private label manufacturing, research and development, responsive scalability and advanced applications. ARC services a wide array of industries including military defense, semiconductors, battery materials, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotive components, textiles, agricultural solutions, surfactants and industrial cleaners. Dedication to safety is at the core of our processes and to ensure dependability we maintain numerous certifications including ISO 9001.

Who we are

A premier chemical manufacturing company specializing in fluorochemistry. An ethical team of scientists, engineers, business and production associates who possess strong family values.

Our Mission

In fulfilling our founder’s vision, we exist to provide innovative products and services while developing, engaging and advancing our employees who give back to our community. Our goal is to earn the trust of our customers by providing quality products with solution-oriented services.

Our Vision

We are an environmentally responsible company with passionate employees who make positive contributions to the organization. We strive to be a role model company that is respected by other chemical manufacturers and the community. We must continue to challenge ourselves to be better today than we were yesterday.

Build a sustainable and dynamic company by providing a solid foundation for our employees while producing high-quality products for our customers. To be recognized as a valued partner to our customers, community and employees. To encourage an atmosphere where employees are truly happy for the success of their teammates.

Our Values

  • Maintain Integrity and Gratitude throughout all aspects of our company and relationships

  • Be a role model company that is Respected by other manufacturers

  • Cultivate a Diverse and Collaborative workforce where people are inspired

  • Promote a culture of SafetyQuality and Environmental Responsibility

  • Maintain a Positive Impact on the community, the environment, and our families

  • Continue to be LearnersLeaders and Mentors