Global Divisions

USA Corporate Headquarters

      In the United States, our manufacturing facilities are housed on four separate campuses and situated on more than 20 acres of land. The Research Laboratories, Pilot Plant, Production Plant, and Institutional & Industrial plant occupy more than 250,000 square feet. We also are able to fulfill customer needs by providing facilities to perform Electronic Gas Production, HF Blending, Research & Development, Analytical Tasks, and Custom Toll Manufacturing.

India Operations

     Advance Fluorine Technologies PVT. LTD. (AFTPL) is a facility dedicated to the production of perfluorinated telomer iodides. Using tetrafluoroethlyene as a raw material, AFTPL produces metric tonne quantities of perfluorinated C-6 cut ethylated iodides (TG-1) and C-8 cut ethlyated iodides (TG-2) as intermediates for products that are used for water and oil repellent emulsions which benefit the textile and fabric industries. Located in Hyderabad, India, the site is led by the Operations Director, Mr. Ajay Raverkar ( and on the business side by Board of Directors member, Mr. Jignesh Shah (

Mexico Operations

Our Mexico facility is dedicated to the production of photoinitiators and provides satellite bulk capabilities for manufacturing.