Advance Research Chemicals Joins The Community of Fluorine Producers

The year 2000 was a milestone year for Advance Research Chemicals expansion goals. Advance Research Chemicals designed, constructed and initiated operation of a fully instrumented electrolytic fluorine manufacturing facility. This facility ensures the reliable, consistent and continuous on site supply of the critical raw material fluorine to a growing list of strategic products. Principal among theses products are carbon monofluoride and tungsten hexafluoride. Demanding electronic gas specifications are consistently met as a result of proprietary methods of fluorine cell operation, purification, compression, and storage with online gas analysis for “challenge” impurities.

Advance Research Chemicals stands prepared to meet your fluorination requirements using a wide range of fluorinating agents, from silver fluoride to xenon fluoride – and now with elemental fluorine derived from it’s integrated manufacturing facility.


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Fluorine is an almost colorless gas. In dense concentrations and in the liquid state it is seen to have a pale greenish yellow color. It has characteristic odor, similar to a mixture of ozone and chlorine. Fluorine is the most powerful oxidizing agent known, reacting with practically all organic and inorganic substances. Exceptions are metal Fluorides, lighter noble gases and fluorides of the highest valence, and a few completely fluorinated organic compounds in pure form. Fluorine reacts with many substances even at room temperatures, sometimes explosively, and followed by combustion. However, the latter may also react with fluorine if they are contaminated with a combustible material or in high flow situations. Heats of reaction with Fluorine are always high, and most reactions take place with ignition. Fluorine at low pressures and concentrations reacts slowly with many metals at room temperatures, and the reactions often results in formation of a metal fluoride film on the metal’s surface, which in some cases, retards further reaction. This process is often denoted by the term passivation.