Carbon monofluoride, often referred to as carbon fluoride, polycarbon monofluoride, CFx or graphite fluoride is a solid, structural, non-stoichiometric fluorocarbon of empirical formula (CFx) n where 0 < x < 1.25. Graphitized petroleum coke is a main source of raw carbon and the reaction is greatly dependent on the graphitization temperature and degree of graphitization. The reaction temperature depends upon type of raw material, reactor design, end use application and desired degree of fluorination. Advance Research Chemicals (ARC) is currently the only domestic producer of CFx and is one of only several manufacturers worldwide. ARC currently supplies CFx to nearly a dozen US manufacturers of Li/CFx batteries. Li/CFx primary battery systems have achieved broad acceptance in a number of expanding high performance military, consumer and industrial applications. ARC also supplies CFx product for non-battery applications with lubrication additives being the major growth area. Other applications include additives in dry inks, additives in elastomeric seals, oxidation resistant catalyst supports and chromatographic column packing. Currently six commercial grades of CFx are available using carbon black, petrocokes or graphites. Research size samples of custom fluorinated carbons are easily produced for specific applications/trials.